How can I make the statement that cancer is one of the best things that ever happened to me? I can because trials can bring us closer to God. Every one of us suffers adversity at some point in our walk that can bring us to lost hope. Lost hope has four faces: sadness, fear, depression and despair. But the story does not have to end there. The path to recovery and overcoming is the path that can lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Pain can be the entry point where we run into His arms. You can choose to deepen your relationship with God. You can choose to overcome lost hope and replace it with joy. This book tells the story of four women who are overcomers and found peace and hope in the midst of trial by following God out of the valleys they faced.

Have you ever searched for someone who wants to be found? It shouldn’t be that hard. They leave clues and hints. They will not hide and may even advertise on a sign or highway billboard.God is that way. He gives us clear directions to find His love and waits patiently while we fumble around, looking for it in all the wrong places, in people, things and circumstances that we choose to use as distractions.God seeks a deeper relationship with each of us. He puts up signs we can easily spot along our path of life: STOP. CAUTION. DO NOT ENTER. ONE WAY. WRONG WAY.Some signs come in personal crisis when we can no longer cope. Those times can be a great blessing for that is when the realization dawns that we have NEED for God.There was a time when I wanted to end it all. I discovered the Bible and how much God loved me. That changed everything. The Bible saved my life.No matter what you have done, no matter how far you have wandered, no matter what has happened, God’s open arms are waiting to comfort you, restore you and to live out each day, abiding in His love. Today is the day to begin or deepen your hunt for God. Today is the day to embrace peace

Annabelle Rourke has two goals. One is to become a famous singer. The second is to be a mother. Nearly 30, both goals have failed.Now she learns that she is losing her hearing. With life seeming to close in, she travels from San Francisco to the Russian River to end it all.Meeting Dr. Micah Pressley there may be her salvation or demise. Is he a killer or the answer to her dreams?

A married gay couple adopted nine special needs children. In spite of the challenging behaviors and diagnoses of the children, they were flourishing at home and in school. After a decade, baseless sexual allegations against the fathers were lodged and the once thriving family was dismantled. The fathers were arrested and treated as pariahs by the media, police and child protection services. The court case snaked through the justice system for almost four years, leaving a wake of shattered lives. This is the incredible true story of the largest family trampling in the history of the U.S. by a powerful government agency. They operated with impunity along with therapists, social workers, police and media who colluded to bring innocent men to ruin.