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We all face adversity, trials and suffering. Grief is universal. We can either be defeated or run into God's arms and immeasurably deepen our faith. The key to overcoming trials lies in which path we choose. We are most open to God during times of trial when we recognize our need for Him. The answers to all questions are found in God's Word, His simple, direct and perfect instructions for us in any situation. The Bible is a roadmap to recovery, healing and triumph. It is the only roadmap to a successful, peaceful life, presenting answers for how to accept any circumstance. This book presents the gospel of "opposites," the tenets of Christ's ways vs. the ways of our world and the need for a re-awakening to discover God's perfect plan. Lost Hope has four faces: Sadness, Fear, Depression and Despair. The story does not have to end there. The path for recovery and overcoming is the path that takes us in to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Pain can be the very entry point when we run into His awaiting arms. The choice is ours to make.


Dot Goodwin

I originally bought this book to read because I know and like Suzy. However now I have finished the book I believe the real person that benefits from this journey was me. I grew up with religion every day as my mother and grandmother were always present But sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves and forget that our real strength comes from within and from above. SUZYS BOOK OPENS YOUR EYES TO THE REAL STRENGTH AVAILABLE TO ALL OF US By sharing her hard times she has forced us to see there is an answer for everybody. No matter which or what you believe the answer is the same Thank you Suzy . By opening your heart you have reminded us of a very valuable solution and strength Thank you and God Bless

Joan L. S.

The author, coming from a Christian background, explores how she found acceptance, joy, and peace after a serious cancer diagnosis. Her own history and the history of three other women she interviewed, facing serious life challenges, made for a very interesting book. Even though they all had different backgrounds and different stories, they all found a deeper relationship with God and spiritual healing through scripture. Lost Hope leaves the reader with a wonderful message.

Rhea D.

A wonderful storyteller! The author gives us a unique and powerful journey of faith, hope, love and understanding in the most difficult of times. Overcoming the obstacles of Sadness, Fear, Depression, and Despair are beautifully and honestly depicted in this story. You will laugh, cry and cheer! Suzy’s insight into the courage and intentional decisions it takes to remain faithful and hopeful while following God’s roadmap for us is inspiring. This is a MUST read!

Katharine Tyler

This is a wonderful book for anyone to read, but especially those suffering from a loss or trauma of some kind. Ms. Collins' own interaction with threatening illness called out her faith to a higher level. Lots of us who have faced deep worries have found that we truly meet Jesus when we submit our deepest fears to him. She brings grace and hope to us in every line.

Joanna Condon

Suzy Colin has written a deeply personal, thoroughly engaging, thought provoking journal of her quest to find a "peace that surpasses all understanding". She beautifully describes the transformative power of grief, loss, and despair, that can morph into a higher plane of joy and deeper faith. Her prose is heartfelt and often humorous; I am still smiling about the "tight and ruthless pants of atheism". The Queen of questions invites the reader to self examine their our own faith, and our innate nature to be selfish. A wonderful book that brings a tear, a laugh, and of course, another question.

Cory S.

This is a very well written book. The author gives testimonies from different people on how their life is positively impacted by knowing the Lord and helping them through situations or health problems. The author uses Bible verses to illustrate her teachings and give guidance for daily living. This book gives beneficial help in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the source of our joy and in whom we find our hope.